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Top 10 Reasons BidCentral’s Online Bidding is a Home Run

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Four years ago BidCentral launched online bidding. We’re still the only truly online solution available in BC, with hundreds of projects under our belt.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons BidCentral is the only solution worth using:

  1. Eliminates the potential for bidders to submit non-compliant bids*
  2. No late bids.^
  3. Faster and more reliable bid analysis.
  4. Replicates the paper bid system protocol to perfectly match the business practices.
  5. Training tools are free and online – users get up to speed fast and on their own time.
  6. Time savings reduces overhead: no more sitting in traffic to deliver a bid.
  7. Better for the environment: less paper, less gas, smaller carbon footprint.
  8. Reduced stress: no rushing to copy and submit bids like it’s 1999. (It’s the 21st century, people!)
  9. It’s official: Acceptance from the Surety Industry for the use of eBonding**
  10. Easy reporting to users on the bid results.

The online world of bid submissions is no longer the boogey man. BCCA is leading the way – Head to BidCentral to learn more about online bidding today.

* In four years of use and several thousand bids on BidCentral Online Bidding for Subcontractors (BOBS) we’ve had only one disqualified bid for non-compliance, which using current upgrades to the system would now be avoided.  Legal counsel advises us that BidCentral has had an impact on reducing legal action over non-compliance. Regrettably users of some internet systems (such as MERX) have not adopted the online submission protocol and continue to upload non-compliant bid documents (see the Revay Report Vo. 32 No. 2 July 2015).

^ BidCentral  doesn’t allow the submission of a bid after the closing deadline; hence, bid recipients no longer need to deal with time clocks and the sometimes legal questions over the timing of bids submitted at the last minute.

** (see the CCA-SAC Bulletin on eBonding)